Support for U.S. Education and Academic Research

BRTT is pleased to announce a new free software license program.

Please go to our registration and download page for access.

Under this program, Antelope software licenses will be provided to all United States Universities upon request. Certain software usage restrictions apply:

All real-time network monitoring and processing activities are prohibited, as well as support for permanent network, data center, and instrument center operations, real-time or otherwise, notwithstanding the exceptions noted below. We define network monitoring and processing activities as ingesting data into Antelope, whether from the field data sources or from another data center or processing system; archiving the data; processing data, e.g. for earthquake locations and magnitudes; and/or displaying data.

We make exceptions to these restrictions for the following activities, which you may conduct under the free license: monitoring and processing of IRIS/GSN data from the open data server at UCSD; monitoring and processing of IRIS/USArray data from either the real-time data feeds at the DMC or the ANF; and monitoring and processing of data from IRIS/PASSCAL experiments.

BRTT will not be providing any technical support for these free software licenses.

BRTT reserves the right to refuse free software licenses for any reason at its own discretion.

Our intent in providing these free software licenses is to support academic research in seismology, and to support the education of undergraduate and graduate students at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education. These licenses are intended solely for use at the U.S. College or University. Furthermore, these licenses are for institutions, not individuals. For example, when visiting scientists return to their home institution outside of the U.S., the license is no longer valid.

For questions or concerns, please contact BRTT at